The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class

Things are adding up, and making sense. I now know why I feel the way I do, and at long last can start to see some light at the end of a very dark tunnel. It feels like the beginning of something worthwhile.

Working-Class Perspectives

Across the world, more and more people realize they are in the precariat – or may be soon – and that they are not alone. That is bringing a change of mood, from being defeated and dispirited to being defiant and demanding. Old sociologists may be bewildered, but precariat groups are moving from mass occupations to political re-engagement. They know there is no unified working class and do not want to go back in search of a phoney unity. We need an alternative progressive future, forged for and by the precariat.

Most fundamentally, the 20th century income distribution system has collapsed. The share of income going to profits has rocketed and will continue to rise, the share going to rent will rise even more. Real wages will continue to stagnate.

In pursuit of competitiveness, governments have implemented policies of labor flexibility, making labor more insecure, leaving millions without health…

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The new scandal that could end Blair’s comeback before it begins

The new scandal that could end Blair’s comeback before it begins


Tony Blair is apparently so worried that Labour look to have a good chance of winning the Stoke Central and Copeland by-elections that he’s decided to try to put the kiss of death on both campaigns by coming out of hiding.

So, just in case anyone is fooled into thinking that Blair is remotely relevant to today’s Labour and the people who need a Labour government, I’ll just leave this article – originally published last November but not yet picked up by the mainstream media (although The Canary did) – here.

Blair – according to the testimony of a former senior army officer of impeccable bona fides – knew all about soldiers masquerading as police on the streets of Britain. In light ofeventsat Orgreave, it’s another way in which he truly was Thatcher’s bastard offspring.

If you’d like to make sure Tony feels appropriately (un)welcome, please share this article…

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The Labour Party and our movement has a duty of care for it’s members

The World Turned Upside Down

witch-huntI don’t think it’s an outrageous suggestion that the Labour Party and other institutions of the Labour movement have some kind of a ‘duty of care’ for it’s members. I’m also going to suggest that, as a movement, we have a moral duty to protect, defend and support those who are picked off, bullied and witch-hunted, irrespective of the finer details of any disagreements we might have with them. Recently, one of the members of our Red Labour group has had their suspension rescinded, without an apology or explanation. We’ve seen the Labour members in Wallasey exonerated and countless examples of members who have had no information on their exclusions and suspensions, who have spent months in limbo. Some have even become notorious by their suspensions. I’m thinking of friends who have been abused in the street, shouted and spat at, have had lies told about them in the local…

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Murdoch&Free market economy


“We live in a free market”, “the markets decide our future”, “let the market decide”, “it’s a free market economy”.

Have you read anything along those lines recently? Chances are you have but unless you are an economist or a person who follows these things closely, there is also a good chance that you believe we do live in that Free Market Economy.

Belief in “Free Markets” will go down in history as one of the Top 10 lies that have been deliberately told, and in 2017, its being told to the population of the entire world. Such is the power of modern communications. A lie told in Australia at 12 noon, will be around the planet and arriving back in Australia within 24 hours.

How news spreads so rapidly is what this is all about, don’t we owe ourselves a deeper look into the subject if it’s so important?

In a UK Newspaper today there was an article about the presence of Rupert Murdoch at a meeting between the newly elected POTUS, Donald Trump, and Michael Gove, Ex politician turned Reporter for the Murdoch empire, and it was not reported at all at the time some days ago.

Under the article was an exchange of comments, and I have copied a small selection here, minus ID,


“Dacre, Murdoch etc. are scum, but they are not evil influencers, they are not “making” people think this way, they are just giving them what they already want to hear – that is the scary thing.”

“… the Murdoch empire, the backchannel to right wing politicians?”

“Oh I think the consumer played the larger part in what happened with the phone tapping scandal…Their demand is what drove supply.”

“…Lefties are so paranoid about Rupert. Get a life guys, other than he thinks left wing policies are bullshit he’s just not that into you.”


The trend in these comments seems to be saying that Rupert Murdoch’s powerful position as owner of News International, and the TV stations and newspapers, and the influence he has on the world is OUR fault, because we buy his stuff and it’s a Free Market.

It was us, the people, who marched on Murdoch premises all those years ago, screaming “Give us the boobs Rupe”, “Give us a daily dose of Flesh, Fags and Fosters mate” and, of course, Mr Murdoch drew his advisors together and commanded them to give the public what they had been demanding, and lo, The SUN came up and was greeted with cheering throughout Britain.

I understand that the day the Sun was first published has been declared a public holiday, (or so I read in the Daily Mail.)

It is the same rubbish we are told by the food industry, that the factory farming of animals and use of plastic packaging by supermarkets is “what the housewife wants”, when it is no such thing, it is what the Industry supplies us. And I find it offensive that the argument is reversed in this way.

The Murdoch empire, like all modern multi-national corporations, exists solely to make profits exclusively for its management team and its shareholders, employees have been phased out of the equation for over 40 years, while the tiny proportion executives and shareholders make off with the loot. The vast profits thus generated provide political power which is used as a tool to help them generate yet more profit creates yet more power, and even richer elites.

Murdoch has manipulated politicians in the UK for years, but he is not really a political animal, he just smooches up to leaders of all parties because he just wants more profits and more power and just rinse and repeat.

News International and 20th Century Fox have been trying to get this power and control mechanism installed in Europe for a couple of decades, because it’s a huge market with vast profits and advertising revenues to be made. Murdoch isn’t interested in bringing quality news and culture to the European market, and the Europeans are not too fond of Rupert Murdoch for they see him for what he really is, a megalomaniac bent on wealth creation for himself.

I am sure there are also plenty of robber barons in Europe, but none like Murdoch, and there  some extremely good sources of news already in place with the level of journalism much higher than the UK standard and much more accountable to the public. UK standards are lower now than I have ever seen before in the last 50 years. (When Al Jazeera and Russia Today overtake the BBC as a supplier of reliable news then you know we have a problem)

Of course, being rejected by Europe is a like red rag to a bull for Murdoch, people of his temperament “don’t do defeat” whether lying down or standing up.

A while back, a Murdoch (News)paper, the News of the World, was in trouble over the phone hacking scandal and it ended up in court. That came as a blow to them at that particular time because Murdoch was planning to take over control of SKY TV, not just for political clout, but also the billions to be made in Advertising revenue. It is also possible that with SKY TV reaching out all over Europe at the time, Murdoch might have had the idea that this was a way into the biggest political market too, expanding his sphere of influence along with his massive ego.

He got a bollocking from the Courts about bugging peoples phones, and had to wind his neck in, having to close down the News of the World as a result. Luckily, it wasn’t making him much money at that time, but what really pissed him off was that the high level nature of his court appearance and his badly dented reputation, made it a really bad time to ask for a green light from the Regulators for his expansionist plans into the TV business.

Don’t forget now, that this is all OUR fault, with the Free Market economy, and Rupert, were just trying to give us what we wanted. It was us, the public, that demanded he tap the phones of the rich and famous because of our insatiable desire for cheap gossip, and by Golly he would risk everything, even his reputation, to give us what we wanted………. right Rupe?

Now let’s jump forward a decade or so,

To the divorce between the UK and the EU, AKA Brexit. It was a very close run referendum; it could have gone either way. To an often jilted lover, a man scorned by a woman, especially one standing in the way of filling his Cayman Island bank account, something had to be done. A shove, a gentle push in a given direction, off the cliff, an electric fire dropped into the bath? What could Rupert do to open up his democratic path on the quest for more wealth and power, he must have been deep in thought when………..

Suddenly, as if from nowhere, there sprung a miraculous “Leak”. HRH The Queen wanted Brexit. The SUN was shining and the Gods were smiling on him that day. What a surprise, it was a miracle, it was almost as if somebody had planned the whole thing.

Of course it was vehemently denied by the Queens representatives who lodged a complaint with the Regulator, which was upheld, but how do you un-see a headline claiming the “Queen wants Brexit!”

One tiny minority in favour of leaving…delivered as ordered, against all odds, as if by magic!

Honour is satisfied too, Murdoch sure showed those Europeans a thing or two {and gave them a taste of their future at the same time}. A few months later, 20th Century Fox, part of the Murdoch empire and run by his son, pops up with a bid, gently floated in, for nigh on £12Bn, for the purchase of the remaining chunk of SKY TV, by now even bigger than the last time we spoke about it.

Note: -Murdoch already controlled 39% of SKY even before this bid.

This is how corporatism works, it requires mystery and intrigue, and a fanatical will to absorb as much money as is possible, and it really doesn’t matter how it’s done, because the ends always justify the means when there is a pot of gold on offer.

“We live in an over regulated economy”, bleat the poor billionaires, failing to see the irony of the bollocks they speak. You can’t have it Overregulated AND claim it’s a Free Market, but somehow large numbers of us just don’t see it that way yet. It is NOT our stupidity, nor is it our fault that this lie is accepted into the Law of Economics.

The clue is in the simple fact that early in 2017 you would think the UK and US populations were engaged in a civil war over the issues surrounding Donald Trump and the European Union. Families are divided and tempers are running very high in some areas. Have we forgotten that old Divide and Rule strategy the Romans gave us? We absolute have PROOF that its working now on more people and even better than it did 2000 years ago. It suits the rich and the elite to have us fight each other it is exactly what they want, and they do not give a shit how many of us get killed in the process because the biggest source the Elite have ever had, is War. Is it then a coincidence that US troops have built a ring around China, that N Korea and Iran are now help up as “The Enemy”.

The recent John Pilger film entitled “The Coming war on China” is a must see if you find what I am saying is too farfetched, and if “They couldn’t influence me” is your position on this, just pause  a moment to think about how much there is “out there” that has an influence on you, every single waking moment of your life.

Advertising is just the tip of the iceberg, but it’s a very big iceberg. It is everywhere, on every screen, in every radio broadcast and across trillions of webpages. When the efforts you must make to avoid advertising is hardly worth the time needed to block and install the software/delete the app/tear up the free newspapers and switch channels, then advertising probably went too far. In a 60-minute period on most TV channels you get about 50% ad free if you are lucky. We are so deeply awash with this s**t, that our brains have become pickled in “messages from our sponsor”.

And while we are awash, like it or not, we actually absorb some of it, and little by little it inserts itself in our heads and we barely realise its happening.

Almost everything now is designed to get you to think a certain way, and this isn’t just about consumer culture, it’s about the way we think of other people, do we care about them or do we just want Money, a happy life for our children, a bigger car, a better environment? Do we want fame and fortune?



Beware of the things you are told by Billionaires. If we are so overregulated how is it that they managed to get all of that money, and how much money would they have now if we took all the rules away then?

Now we arrive at the time where the Regulator (a Regulator that has had its rules “changed” recently) is supposed to rule on whether the Murdoch TV Merger “is in the public interest”. It’s all gone very quiet, which makes me worry that it will be snuck through the back door, let’s face it, that sort of stuff is commonplace now. It is not in the public interest to have one person controlling News outlets worldwide, and it frankly doesn’t matter if it’s Murdoch or Mother Theresa. When this amount of power reaches a single pair of hands it inevitably is abused.

“Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely” so said Lord Acton a couple of hundred years ago, but somehow it’s no longer trendy to finish the quotation off properly with the last line which runs “Great men are almost always bad men”

If you need further proof of Murdoch’s singlemindedness in his wheelings and dealings, give it the sniff test, why should we feel he is politically motivated? He has a lousy set of ethics, almost no scruples, and very little in the way of morals, so why would he give a shit about people, or anybody but himself?

Anyway, I digress, let us get back to the “Free Market” we think we have but haven’t, do you remember LIBOR? It’s an exchange rates and “fixing rates of interest”, a quick dabble in Google gives: –

LIBOR is the average interbank interest rate at which a selection of banks on the London money market are prepared to lend to one another. LIBOR comes in 7 maturities (from overnight to 12 months) and in 5 different currencies”. So we have a Free Market economy where stuff like interest rates just responds to the market but also needs a little help from a Trillion-dollar banking industry who sit behind closed doors and “Adjust” things so that they work, err Freely? Of course those adjustments will have selflessly been made in favour of society at large and there isn’t a sniff of these people making loadsaamoney and trousering million dollar bonuses. Yeah Right!

More importantly, how free is the system in the hands of Big Bankers? Not Very, the system was massively abused from 2005 on, and while creating enormous wealth for a handful, it contributed massively to the financial crash of 2008.

This is what the Free market economy is really all about, it’s a Free-For-All market where the rich get richer at everyone else’s expense, and that is even BEFORE we add Fraud and Corruption into the mix.

BTW, on the subject of Advertising, I just read in today’s paper that

“British households borrowed a record £31.6bn in 2016 to buy cars, up 12% on the year before”

It’s in an article that claims that this level of personal debt could actually trigger a financial crash all on its own. Who says that Advertising doesn’t pay? If it didn’t pay it wouldn’t work, and if it didn’t work, how the hell did we sleepwalk into £32Bn of highly dangerous Free Market debt

Just imagine then an economy that wasn’t a Free Market, one that had some general rules of decency and honesty, one that cold shouldered gossip bare boobs and tales told out of school, what would life be like then?

Bloody hell people might feel they must resort to reading books for goodness sake, or having meaningful conversations with each other, I mean what sort of a world are we trying to create here? Some bloody state where people are supposed to know stuff and forced to read books, hell that’s trampling all over our basic human rights, thank f**k we have Rupert Murdoch to save us from the nightmare eh?

Born 1948

A brave new world it really isn’t, but it’s the one we have, the one we live in, the only one we’ve got.

So it seems logical we look after it, and the people on it.

ALL of the people, not just a select few.

What follows is a look at the world and its people through the eyes of Bloemenstein-Whistlehuizen, Age 67, Londoner by birth, Resident of The Netherlands by choice.

The last 25 years have seen me working in over 25 different lands, and enjoying almost every minute of it.


The Death of UKIP

This piece first appeared on the The Dangerous Globe website written by my alter ego Bloemenstein-Whistlehuizen {Who hears the same voices in my head as I do}

(A drama in three episodes courtesy of our friends at THE SKWAWKBOX )

Once upon a time, many (60) years ago…….

I was proud to be British, we once had a “Boys Own” reputation for supporting the underdog, playing honestly and fairly at sport, our word was our bond and we would take on all comers when we saw injustices being committed. We gave passports to the Asian community when they were badly treated in Uganda, we honoured our commitments to ex colonials from Hong Kong, we sent billions in foreign aid all over the planet to assist with poverty and hunger, and we reacted to every major natural catastrophe with shelter, food and water for the people affected.

A pretty rose coloured perspective I know, bearing in mind our colonial past and bloodthirsty history across the globe, it’s no coincidence that the British Empire was coloured red across the globe, but I think it’s still fair to say that the UK was often looked upon as a seat of fair play.

I have travelled extensively, all of my life, throughout Africa, Europe, Asia and S. America, and until recently was always greeted with open arms and a warm welcome, I was British, I was an OK person, what would I like to eat and drink?

Then came UKIP, and its obnoxious, self-aggrandising, unelectable dickheadsays-it-all-about-farage-oils-cigar of a leader, Nigel Farage.

There has been a sea change since then, and it goes to the very core of the United Kingdom and its people. Farage’s behaviour in the European parliament has been disgraceful. He has systematically abused his position, steadfastly avoiding anything like a democratic voting process, and more often than not, hardly bothering to turn up at all.

His vitriolic attacks on fellow European politicians are not the sort of thing I expect from politicians that are supposed to be representing my country of birth, they resemble badly abused Pit Bulls.

Unsurprisingly, on mainland Europe at this moment, British people seem to be treated somewhat differently, in some cases as though we come from a leper colony, and in other cases as though we had just recovered from a serious illness, all tea and sympathy.

In short, I cannot state how much I despise this new face of Britain abroad, and I blame it on the monumentally stupid Brexit debacle, which was directly caused by Farage and his UKIP party.

But now, a ray of light on the horizon with the knowledge that Farage and his cronies are about to get a bloody big wake up call, and it is coming in instalments, so pour yourself a cup of tea, turn on, and watch the events of the next few weeks unfold.

Here are the story boards for the first 3 episodes

Episode 1

Brexit “R Day@ +1 (“one day after the Brexit referendum”)

Nigel Farage applies for residency in Germany, one day after Britain votes to leave the EU with a very slim majority.

Unfortunate Nigel doesn’t qualify for citizenship because…

1/     He hasn’t resided in Germany for 8 continuous years or

2/     Even Married to a German National, he hasn’t been resident in Germany for the reduced period of 3 continuous years.

So Nigel puts in a dodgy application citing a fictitious residence at an address in Hamburg that belongs to a relative of his wife.

Unfortunately for Nige, that is illegal. For a man reputed to have had a great education and “incredibly clever” as a result, this displays a stupidity of monster proportions.

It would be stupid for a man in the street to try this, but for someone who has had his face all over the news in the preceding months, the stupidity is elevated to pure arrogance and conceit. From the moment he signed the paper, it was almost guaranteed he would be reported, and the German Polizei are investigating the case.

Episode 2

UKIP embezzle 450,000 and must repay

Back in November UKIP were hauled up for using €450,000 of EU funds for electioneering campaigns including the Brexit referendum, thus hardly associated with their “European duties” as intended (and legally expected)

The accusation is that they “misspent” the money, but that’s a cop out, they stole, or embezzled the money. I can well imagine all the backslapping and laughter in UKIP Offices, at the thought that the money they nicked was being used to fund a referendum that would shaft the EU.

At the time of writing, there is a bigger and much wider investigation taking place on UKIP, and it is supported by Whistle blowers within the party, who have submitted a lengthy set of allegations to European authorities, with the sum of €20 Million mentioned.

Naturally this attracted little interest in the MSM, because it’s a true story, if it had been a home-made fake they would have been all over it. These allegations are not only about misappropriation of funds but, “High level corruption, money laundering, child pornography-using EU resources, and the abuse of office to avoid criminal proceedings”. Surely there are juicy enough allegations in there for The Sun, or the Daily Express?

What no takers?

Oh well we won’t have to wait long, because the formal findings of the EU authorities are due out on the 9th February, and I am willing to wager there will be one hell of a shit storm when its published.

Episode 3

Nigel Farage and his questionable choice of friends

Just to help complete the downfall of UKIP, the former Media Coordinator and office manager, George Cottrell is under lock and key, having bargained his way down from 20 charges of fraud and laundering money, to a single charge of being a very very naughty boy.

The Image on the right is just wishful thinking on my part

Again, in a fit of typical UKIPer brilliance he was nicked trying to flog a money laundering service to officers of the law in Phoenix, Arizona, under the misapprehension that the officers were drug dealers. Quite why a manager of a UK political party found himself in the company or drug dealers from Arizona is probably another story.

Hardly the brightest of people, Cottrell argued that he wasn’t actually going to launder the supposed Drug dealers’ money, he was going to steal it… So that makes it all OK then.

It’s probably just as well they were the old bill, or he could have been found in a couple of decades’ time as a pile of bleached bones in the desert

Mr Cottrell fits in with a party that has misappropriated €450,000 (with the promise of much more to come), and that misled millions with promises of zero immigration and extra cash for the NHS if the UK left the EU.

A word from the Dangerous Globe

Each of these issues taken as a single item, might slip past public scrutiny, but when you put them all on the same page you would have to be a bit slow on the uptake to miss a pattern developing in the UKIP morals department

As I said at the beginning, being British once meant that you were a person of substance, an honourable man with compassion and a willingness to help ones’ fellow man second to none in the world.

Thanks to the likes of Farage, being British is something we don’t want to talk about now, the British are now viewed askance, as though we are best to be avoided.

I have been known to go into bars in Amsterdam and put on an Irish accent for an entire evening just to stop folks staring at me in sympathy.

It’s not just an image thing either, from the top down we have actually become a nation of uncaring; unfeeling; money making machines that have sold off the Great British heritage to anyone with a fat enough cheque book.

Many of our politicians are corrupt, they spin through the revolving door between business and government creaming off vast profits for themselves and bugger the pensioners, the sick, the disadvantaged, nothing must get in the way of their quest for lucre.

We don’t just LOOK like bastards; we have become those Bastards. Those brave men that fought 2 world wars to try and keep Europe free of shitheads like Nigel Farage must surely be spinning in their graves.

I look forward to a Farage Free UK sometime very soon, then I can drop the Irish accent.